What is a Consulting Arborist? Why would I want to work with one?

A Consulting Arborist is a professional who specializes in the care and management of trees. Their main role is to help contractors and homeowners save valuable time and money. They do this by helping them navigate municipal tree bylaws. Additionally, they help develop and execute tree care and maintenance plans. Arborists are trained in the biology, physiology, and culture of trees and they are also knowledgeable about the various techniques and practices used. These techniques include maintaining and improving the health and appearance of trees.

Consulting Arborists help their clients save time and money through the following services:

  • Arborist Reports and Tree bylaw compliance
  • Tree health assessments and tree care strategies
  • Tree risk assessments

Clients who would most benefit from bringing a consulting arborist onto their team:

  • Contractors or Land Developers starting new projects with any onsite or neighbouring trees
  • Homeowners that are concerned about the health of their trees.

Working around urban trees is a strategic challenge for technical and ecological reasons. Successfully done, retained mature trees increase the property value. They also can reduce construction costs. Additional retention benefits may include providing shade and cooling during warmer months and shelter from the wind in colder months. Retained mature trees create a habitat for wildlife and capture carbon. They also improve air quality and reduce water runoff into storm drains.

If trees on the property are removed, it is very common for the municipality to require replacement trees to be planted as part of the building permit process. This requirement needs to be carefully considered, as placing the wrong tree in the wrong place can result in the unintended loss of the replacement tree. A consulting arborist can help select the right tree for the right place so the investment can be preserved.

Like all living things, trees are constantly growing.

Left unattended, they can become overgrown, causing health problems. Working with a Consulting Arborist, trees can be cared for in a sustainable, healthy manner that promotes strong tree development, while improving the overall appearance of the tree.

Risk Management

An important aspect of tree health is risk management. The Consulting Arborist can potentially identify and then address any risks or problems before they become major issues. This helps to ensure the safety of the property and can reduce costly repairs in the future. Sometimes recommendations are as simple as removing a single branch or as complex as the full removal of the tree.

Having a consulting arborist for the entire project improves your chances of success. Having an arbourist onsite  to mitigate delays and costs associated with trees on the property in a timely manner is an important first step. Also, by managing the health and appearance of the trees once the project is completed, a consulting arborist will become a valued addition to the team.

If you have tree questions or you need help with a project, connect with us today and book an appointment our in-house Consulting Arborists. They will be happy to work with you to discover the best course of action for your project!