Landscape Maintenance

So, you’ve spent a lot of time and money of your outdoor landscaping. It looks beautiful and you want to keep it that way. You’re eager to do what you can to maintain this pristine look, like mow the lawn and maybe weed or prune a few bushes, but you realize that your lack of time and knowledge might require that you seek some help with tasks other than the most basic.

Hiring a landscape maintenance professional is the ideal way to maintain that manicured look, and at Huckleberry Landscape Design, we have plenty of experts to help you with your maintenance needs.

We’ll come and care for your garden so that your plants, shrubs, trees, and other softscape elements remain healthy and looking good.

Our qualifications

At Huckleberry Landscape Design, our team is highly-educated in the specifics of landscape maintenance. Many members of our staff possess the Certified Landscape Horticulturist Technician (CLHT) designation, having studied the art and care of landscaping extensively. The CLHT designation assures our customers that we know the ins and outs of landscape maintenance and will provide you with the best service possible using the latest knowledge and techniques in landscape care.

We are committed to workplace health and safety and were recently awarded the AgSafe Certificate of Recognition (COR). This designation is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an agricultural occupational health and safety program that exceeds regulatory requirements. COR recognition is earned by employers who successfully meet and pass a set of audit standards.

Huckleberry also boasts several apprentices and staff members who are part of the coveted Red Seal Program, a North American-wide program that is widely recognized across the country by those in the landscaping profession. Possessing Red Seal designation means having a solid understanding of the best horticultural practices available, which ensures the highest quality of work is performed for our clients.

We aren’t just a few men with a truck, a lawn mower, and a set of pruning shears. Our staff is knowledgeable about every area of landscape maintenance, from spreading mulch to caring for your delicate fruit trees and everything in between.

What’s involved?

As landscape maintenance technicians, we don’t mow your lawn but we will tend to all the other softscape elements that are part of your outdoor space. That means we’ll participate in tasks such as periodic weeding, fertilizing, mulching, pruning of shrubs, trimming and tending to the health of your trees, checking on your drip irrigation system, and replacing topsoil where needed.

Many of these tasks will be included in any regular maintenance contract you’ll have with us. Some landscape maintenance items may incur an extra cost, but we’ll check with you – the homeowner – before performing any services that are not included.

How often is landscape maintenance performed?

The number of times per year that we are scheduled to tend to your garden will depend on the standard you wish to maintain. In the summer months, many of our clients ask us to check on their landscaping every week but less often in the colder seasons. Others opt for bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annual check-ups.

We also offer seasonal services. For example, you might opt for our fall or spring clean-up packages, where we send out a certified technician to prepare your garden for dormancy or to get it ready for the upcoming growing season.

How often we perform maintenance is totally up to you! We’ll be happy to sit down with you to determine which schedule fits your needs and your budget. Call us for more information on these services and for a free landscape maintenance consultation!

We began with having Huckleberry Landscape Design back in 2005 to take care of our lawns, this meant weekly cutting, triming and fertilizing when necessary. This was always done with care and clean up after the job was done. If at any time other yard maintanence was required such as design and the required work it involved this also was completed with diligence We have often recommended them to others if asked.

I am so happy with the work done. She did a very good job. Thank you so much.


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